KOOKOO Tree-BirdBox, bird call clock with RC radio quartz movement, 12 bird calls and a cuckoo (deals: good, like new)

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like new, with slight signs of wear
  • Wall clock with RC radio quartz movement and green BirdBox
  • the DCF77 time signal transmitter broadcasts CET every second - the reception of the time signal cannot be switched off
  • every hour one of 12 songbirds sings or the cuckoo calls the time
  • with integrated light sensor: at night the birds go to their nest
  • Nature photos by Jean Claude Roché
  • Brochure “How and where they live”
  • black magnetic decorative bird

New bird song clock.

KooKoo has translated the traditional cuckoo clock into a modern design and completely reinterpreted it. Our Tree-BirdBox consists of two parts: a wall clock in the shape of a silhouette-like fir tree and a no-frills, simple birdhouse, which is adorned with a little black bird on a small pole.

There are almost no limits when it comes to choosing the best place for the tree and the little house - a distance of up to 20 meters between the two objects is allowed to let the original idea flourish: Because the Tree and BirdBox are in radio contact. Every full hour, the box receives a signal and the beautiful singing of one of 12 native songbirds can be heard. Alternatively, the classic call of the cuckoo, which announces the time in a familiar way, can also be set. A light sensor ensures peace and quiet after dark.

All bird calls were recorded in the wild by the French ornithologist and animal call researcher Jean-Claude Roché. The real, natural sounds create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Of course, children have a lot of fun with the KooKoo Tree-BirdBox and can also get excited about the world of birds.

You can find out interesting details about the special characteristics, the songs and the habitats of the 12 native songbirds in the brochure "How and where they live".

By Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona.

Song of 12 native songbirds (fixed sequence): blackbird - song thrush - blackcap - garden warbler - robin - nightingale - bluethroat - redstart - collared flycatcher - willow lark - oriole - or the call of the cuckoo 1 to 12 times.

    Instruction manual here.

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