Who we are and what we do

KooKoo has been developing, producing and selling wall clocks and alarm clocks since 2001. "The time to hear" - that's what drives us. Our clocks play original recordings of bird and animal calls as well as Christmas and children's songs. An exclusive MAN truck clock completes the range: a different truck hums on the hour. Most watches have a built-in light sensor; that ensures peace at night. With its fresh and modern design, KooKoo sets accents in every living environment. Since 2015 we have been cooperating with Maia Ming Designs in Barcelona, ​​an established name in the field of product design and product development.

KooKoo is based in Hallbergmoos at Munich Airport, the warehouse and logistics are in Augsburg. Our strengths are innovative products, good quality and efficient logistics. Orders are picked and shipped the same day.

You can get our KooKoo 2020 catalog here.

KooKoo GmbH, Lilienthalstr. 19, 85399 Hallbergmoos, Germany