KOOKOO MAN Truck Clock, wall clock with quartz movement (Deals: good, like new)

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like new, item already opened, with slight signs of wear
  • One of the 12 trucks comes around the curve every hour
  • With 12 illustrations on the dial: powerful MAN trucks and buses, from the TGX articulated lorry to the MAN Neoplan Cityliner.
  • Quartz movement with light sensor
  • 34cm ∅
  • Battery: 3 x 1.5V alkaline type AA (not included)

The wall clock with a lot of horsepower – what more could you ask for?

There it is - the KooKoo wall clock for fans of the heavy hitters. For all truckers, truck friends, real men and all the laid-back women with petrol in their veins, for the cool boys and everyone who wants to become one. What an eye-catcher for the garage, hobby room or children's room: The face of the KooKoo MAN Truck Clock shows 12 illustrations of powerful MAN trucks and buses , from the TGX articulated lorry to the MAN Neoplan Cityliner. In addition, the mirror-like chrome frame shines like high-gloss rims.

As with all of our watches, no two hours are the same: one of the 12 trucks comes around the curve at precisely the right moment and you hear its very special sound for about 10 seconds . All enginesounds are original recordings of the real vehicles. We pay attention to a balance between driving and rest times. That's why a built-in light sensor ensures that the trucks are automatically parked in the dark and that the fleet becomes quiet.

Original recordings of 12 MAN trucks and buses: TGX E6 24-440 articulated lorry - TGM E6 refuse collector - MAN NeoplanE6 Starliner - CLA E6 20-280 dump truck - TGM E6 street cleaning - TGL E6 12-250 Semitrailer - MAN Lion's Regio Fernbus - TGX E6 18-480 Dump Truck - MAN Neoplan Cityliner - TGS E6 39S 8x4 - MAN Lion's Coach - TGX E6 18-480 Fernverkehr (fixed sequence)

Reset / set the order of the tones

  • Remove the batteries from the compartment
  • Set pointer to 12:50
  • Insert the batteries
  • Adjust clockwise hand to current time