KOOKOO Tree, Birdsong Clock with 12 Songbirds and Cuckoo (Deals: Good, Like New)

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like new, with slight signs of wear
  • every hour a songbird sings or the cuckoo calls the time;
  • majestic tree, screenprinted on 4mm oval glass pane (32.4x260cm);
  • Radio controlled quartz movement (TR2000RC) or quartz movement (TR2000), no ticking
  • Limited Edition: instead of screen printing, 0.2mm wafer-thin glued-on metal disc made of brass, copper or steel;
  • with either RC quartz movement: the DCF77 time signal transmitter broadcasts CET every second - the reception of the time signal cannot be switched off or with regular quartz movement
  • with light sensor: At night the birds go to their nest
  • Dimensions: 32.4x26cm with 5mm glass
  • Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona
  • Battery: 3 x 1.5V alkaline type AA (not included)

    A bird comes flying – flat, modern bird song clock

    KooKoo Tree is a true all-rounder: The high-quality appearance sets accents for an elegant ambience and combines the advantages of the classic Songbirds with the charm of a modern design object. The silhouette of a single tree can be seen on an oval pane of glass. Its expansive, lush crown unfolds a mysterious presence. A small bird sits somewhat hidden in the dense branches of the solitaire.

    The black tree motif of KooKoo Tree is screen printed on the back of the transparent glassoval and throws in incidence of light its delicate shadow on the wall. KooKoo Tree Limited Edition are unique: the silhouette of the large tree is made in a complex process as a wafer-thin, 0.2 mm brass- , copper- or steeloil layer applied by hand to the black glassoval . With copper in particular, a beautiful patina quickly develops through oxidation.

    The cool surface of the wall clock contrasts in a fascinating way with the warm sounds of the songbirds. You can choose from 12 songbirds that sing their little song every hour, or the classic cuckoo call, which announces the time in a familiar way. All bird calls were recorded by the French ornithologist and animal call researcher Jean-Claude Roché in nature. After dark, a light sensor ensures peace and quiet.

    Tree is produced in two versions:

    • with a DCF-77 radio-controlled quartz movement (CET / CET time zone)
    • with a quartz movement

    Tree "Limited Edition" are equipped with a radio quartz movement (RC, radio controlled). The special, interesting features, the song and the habitats of the 12 native songbirds can be found in the enclosed brochure "Where they are at home and how they live" by Dr. Eckart Pott (biologist).

    Designed by Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona

    Singing of 12 native songbirds: blackbird - song thrush - blackcap - garden warbler - robin - nightingale - bluethroat - redstart - collared flycatcher - willow lark - woodlark - oriole (fixed sequence). Or the cuckoo call (1-12 times).

    View manual here.

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