KOOKOO Tree-BirdBox (Deals - wie neu, mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren), mit RC Funkquarzwerk, 12 Vogelstimmen, Kuckuck und einem Vogelhäuschen

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like new, item already opened, with slight signs of wear
  • Tree clock (Tree) with bird house (BirdBox): the bird clock sends an hourly radio signal to the BirdBox, where the birds sing (wirelessly up to 15 meters)
  • RC (radio controlled) is a DCF-77 radio quartz movement
  • with integrated light sensor: the birds go to sleep at night in the dark
  • Accompanying brochure “Where you are at home and how you live”.
  • Recordings from nature by Jean Claude Roché, France
  • Design by Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona.
  • black magnetic deco bird

“Two in One” - the surprising bird's voice clock

KooKoo has cast the traditional cuckoo clock in a modern design and developed a new concept. Tree-BirdBox consists of 2 parts: a wall clock in the shape of a silhouette-like Christmas tree and a simple, green birdhouse with a black decorative bird.

Tree and BirdBox can be hung up to 20 meters away. Every hour on the hour, Tree sends a signal: “BirdBox, sing now”: then one of the 12 local songbirds sounds . Alternatively, the classic cuckoo call can be set, which announces the time in a familiar way. A light sensor ensures peace and quiet in the dark.

All bird calls were recorded in the wild by the French ornithologist and animal sound researcher Jean-Claude Roché . The real, natural sounds create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Interesting details about the special characteristics, the song and the habitats of the 12 native songbirds can be found in the enclosed brochure "Where they are at home and how they live" by Dr. Eckart Pott (biologist).

The clock has a DCF-77 radio quartz movement and automatically sets itself to the correct time. The RC (radio controlled) radio waves come from Mainflingen near Frankfurt. The MEZ (CET time zone) is set.

By Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona

Selection of songs from 12 native songbirds : blackbird - song thrush - blackcap - garden warbler - robin - nightingale - bluethroat - redstart - collared flycatcher - fitis - woodlark - oriole (fixed sequence). Or just the call of the cuckoo (1-12 times).

    Instruction manuals here.