KOOKOO Singvögel, der Klassiker mit Quarzwerk, Aufnahmen aus der Natur und mit Lichtsensor

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Artikel/SKU: SV1000
  • One of 12 native songbirds sings every hour on the hour
  • the images from nature were made by Jean-Claude Roché from France
  • Original illustrations by Killian Mullarney (Ireland) and Dan Zetterström (Sweden)
  • with the brochure "How and where they live"
  • Light sensor: the birds go to sleep at night
  • Dimensions: 34cm ∅
  • Batteries: 3 x 1.5V alkaline type AA (not included)

The original KooKoo bird voice clock

Are you looking for a classic - a classic wall clock ? But do you also like the extraordinary? Then listen: With KooKoo Songbirds, the song of one of 12 local songbirds sounds every full hour for about 10 seconds - from the blackbird to the oriole to the nightingale. The original recordings of the bird calls were made by Jean-Claude Roché (France) and bring lightness and an authentic piece of nature into your home. When evening falls, the flock of birds comes to rest by itself thanks to a built-in light sensor .

The vividly designed dial shows the colorful and detailed illustrations by the renowned bird illustrators Killian Mullarney (Ireland) and Dan Zetterström (Sweden). The charming bird's voice clock delights not only adults but also children . Children can be produced by this watch playful for birds inspire and recognize the free nature of the bird calls again. Additional interesting details about the special characteristics, the song and the habitats of the 12 native songbirds l can be found in the enclosed brochure “How and where they live”.

KooKoo songbirds are available in different versions:

-> with an RC radio quartz movement, with bird names (German text) or

-> with a normal quartz movement, without text on the dial;

-> with real wood or a plastic frame, in different colors.

Song of 12 native songbirds (fixed sequence): blackbird - song thrush - blackcap - garden warbler - robin - nightingale - bluethroat - redstart - collared flycatcher - fitis - woodlark - oriole

View instruction manual here.

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