• AnimalHouse


    Animal cuckoo clock, sleek design made of MDF wood.

  • KidsAlarm


    Animal alarm clock in cube shape in 5 colors made of MDF wood.
  • UltraFlat


    Design meets Nature: the classic “Songbirds” including 12 native birds in a striking modern hape.

  • BirdHouse

    BirdHouse und BirdHouse mini

    The cuckoo clock with a difference
    clear, simple, pure.In black or white.

  • EarlyBird


    KooKoo EarlyBird – An alarm clock with real birdsongs

  • The Original Singing Bird Clock.

    Every hour, on the hour, an original birdsong is heard. Chosen among 12 native songbirds – from the blackbird to the nightingale and the oriole.

  • Christmas Clock (21 cm)

    With its Christmassy sounds, this KooKoo clock makes for a Christmas season full of atmosphere. Every hour, on the hour, you will hear familiar Christmas tunes.

    Special offer € 24,90

  • KidsSongs
    blue, red, green and yellow (21 cm)
    € 44,90
  • KidsWorld
    Different colors
    SilentMove clockwork (34cm)
    € 59,90